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The titles of the available articles are listed below.

17 November 2005

Unlawful commencement
So farewell, Section 54A
Reasons, and Consistency
Section 106 agreements
Abandoning your Local Plan

02 December 2005

Is it in force?
Revised PD rights for aerial dishes
Commencement again

12 December 2005

Practical effect of the new catering Use Classes
Comparison tests

03 January 2006

You read it here first (1)
You read it here first (2)
New house - Permitted Development rights
Unlawful commencement (3)
Conditions precedent

12 January 2006

‘Mobile’ Advertisements
Estoppel or not?
Breach of Condition / Interpreting Conditions
Unlawful commencement – a further query

27 January 2006

Is it in force? (2)
Intensification of use
Permitted development in Conservation Areas, AONBs, etc.

10 February 2006

Conditions precedent (yet again)
Listed Building Consent
Microwave Antennae in Wales
Court of Appeal overturns Swale decision

01 March 2006

Mobile phone masts
On my bookshelf
Delegated decisions
Unlawful residential use – some further thoughts

20 March 2006

Even Homer nods
Forthcoming legal and procedural changes
Stale applications
Ancillary uses

31 March 2006

Promptness in Judicial Review
Unreasonable conditions
Another free go
Fees for mineral and waste site monitoring

11 April 2006

Copying charges
Room with a view
Free takeaways?
On the square?

25 April 2006

More changes
Fee changes
Determination periods
Local development orders
Mezzanine floors
Reserved matters
Design and access statements

11 May 2006

Good-bye ‘ODPM; Hello ‘DCLG’
More commencement orders
Appeal delays
Development land scams
‘Incidental’ curtilage development

01 June 2006

Crown immunity ends at last
Judicial lottery
Use of a 4-year rule building may be unlawful

19 June 2006

Standard Planning Application Form
Microgeneration and the planners
Redundant pubs and cinemas
Appeal delays (2)

03 July 2006

Flying the flag
Conditions precedent (yet again)
Members Conduct
Environmental Impact Assessment

17 July 2006

Loose change
A fishing pool for your Garden Gnomes
Demolition in Wonderland

31 July 2006

A reminder
Continuing confusion over commencement

21 August 2006

Looking back
Breach of Condition –10 years or 4 years?
S106 – Getting it together
Fishing pools – a Garden Gnome replies

04 September 2006

Why don’t we just scrap the appeals system?
Listed buildings appeals
Green Belt issues

15 September 2006

Let’s sack the members!
Dissent on Section 106 model
Stop Notices
Circular 10/97

16 October 2006

Appeal fees
Stale applications
New law

31 October 2006

White Paper
Extension of time
The nuclear debate

14 November 2006

More on the White Paper
Future confusion
The 4-year rule revisited
Rights of Light

27 November 2006

A bargain not to be missed
Queen’s Speech
A straw in the wind
When is an LDC not an LDC?
Standard application form

13 December 2006

Barker – not to be ignored
A well-kept secret
Dissent on Section 106 model