Readers sometimes tell me they can’t find the search facility on this site.

If you look up towards the top left-hand corner of the page, inside this blog (not on any parts of your own desk-top above it) on the dark blue line right at the top, you will see a box, next to the red ‘B’ (Blogger) symbol, and which has a magnifying glass symbol at its right-hand end.

If you type a search term into this box (I suggest a single word is usually best, provided it is not too general, or a pair of words) and then click on the magnifying glass symbol, it will display on the screen those blog post in which the word or term occurs. This search will not reveal instances of the word or term appearing in published comments, and so you will just have to look at the comments on the identified blog posts to see if there are any further references in those comments.

I hope this will enable readers to make easier use of the search facility on this blog in the future.

This blog seems to come quite high on the Google search engine, so an alternative (if you are not already looking at the blog) would be to search there. Such a search may show a number of other websites where the word or phrase appears, but this blog should, usually, be fairly high up the list if the word or phrase you have searched has appeared in the blog.