Thursday, 29 April 2010

Take a look at the archive

You may find it worthwhile when looking for new posts on this blog to take a look at the growing archive of previously-published material which I have uploaded from my earlier blog.

There are (or will be) two types of archive on this blog. Current material will be archived monthly, and can be accessed from the sidebar on the left-hand side of the page. Recent posts are listed individually. Then, below that, you will be able to select archived posts from earlier months (from April 2010 onwards).

The second type of archived material consists of selected posts from the previous blog (which appeared on the RTPI’s ‘Planning Matters’ website between November 2005 and April 2009). I am editing and revising this material and will upload it in instalments over the next couple of months. This material can be accessed by clicking on the page icons on the top bar (e.g. “OCT 08 – APR 09”).

I have recently finished uploading selected posts dating from the last six months of the earlier blog, which were written between October 2008 and April 2009. This comprises 22 separate articles, covering a wide selection of topics. The next section to be added to the archive will cover another six months or so before that, and so on until the archive covers the whole of the three-and-a-half year period during which the previous blog was published.

Each of these separate archive sections will have its own list of contents. It will take a bit longer to organise an alphabetical index, and ideally I would also like to arrange both internal and external links as an aid to readers, but this all has to be fitted in around my professional work for clients, which naturally takes precedence.

So watch this space for further improvements in the following months.


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