Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A note about comments

As I have mentioned, there is a comments facility on this site, but it is intended solely for comments which are strictly relevant to the post to which that comment is to be attached. All comments are subject to moderation before they are published (which may mean that they do not appear for a few hours or even a day or more after they were posted). For sound editorial reasons, I must reserve the right to reject comments which appear to me to be ‘off-topic’.

Whilst readers are free to raise with me (preferably by e-mail, rather than through the comments facility) issues which they feel might be aired in the blog, I regret that I do not have the time to enter into a dialogue or personal discussion on such topics, and may not wish to deal with the issue in the blog in the immediate or foreseeable future.

Where points are raised in a comment, I am unable to reply direct to the person who posted that comment, as the comments facility does not allow me to do so, and in most cases I have no means of knowing the identity or contact details of the person who has posted the comment. In some cases, where a comment is published, I may add a response at the end of the original post, but that is dependent on my having time to do so.

Do please feel free to add relevant comments to posts on this blog, but at the same time please be aware of the editorial control which will apply.

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