Thursday, 1 July 2010

“Normal service will be resumed.........”

This blog is written when I can grab a few moments to do so, and so is subject to other demands on my time. In the next two to three weeks it is very unlikely that I shall have the time to write further posts, and so there may be nothing new posted here until towards the end of July.

There has been much more than usual to write about in June, due to the various announcements from the coalition government as they begin to set out their stall. Possibly the flow will now abate somewhat, as ministers and civil servants get to work on turning what at the moment are only statements of intent into real action.

This is a point which should be borne in mind. What we have had so far is what I have described as ‘government by press release’. With the exception, perhaps, of some shifts in ministerial policy (such as the slightly revised PPS3), nothing will actually change until necessary primary and subordinate legislation is put in place. For example, the amendments to the GPDO to allow changes of use between Classes C3 and C4 are currently out to consultation, and it will no doubt be the Autumn before the GPDO is actually amended to give effect to these changes.

In the same way, the abolition of the IPC, its absorption of its work into the Planning Inspectorate and the transfer of decisions on major infrastructure projects to the Secretary of State will have to await the passage through parliament of the ‘Decentralisation and Localism’ Bill (silly name). Latest indications are that the bill may not be introduced in parliament until some time in the New Year. Proposed changes to the Development Plan system will also have to be included in that bill. It may well be this time next year (or later) before the resulting Act becomes law.

In the meantime, this blog is going to take an enforced summer holiday, but normal service will be resumed later in July.


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