Monday, 10 January 2011

Getting in touch

As I have pointed out a couple of times before, the way the Comments system works on ‘Blogger’ does not enable me to see the e-mail address of anyone posting a comment. Consequently, I am unable to respond to a request to get in touch with someone who attempts to contact me by using the comments facility.

Can I please remind readers wishing to instruct me professionally or who want to correspond with me on any of the topics raised in the blog that the only way of doing so is by sending an e-mail to my own e-mail address. This is shown at various places on this website, but in case you can’t find it easily, it is:

I have not yet succeeded in making internal links work on this site, so you will have to copy and paste this e-mail address into your contacts list or into the address line of an e-mail.

In case you were unaware of how to do so when you can’t use the usual copy and paste icons, you can use the keyboard to copy [CTRL + C] and also to paste [CTRL + V]. This works in e-mails and on websites, and is very useful when you can’t use the mouse to perform these functions.


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