Monday, 16 May 2011

Ton up!

This blog is published by me as an entirely independent legal commentary on planning law matters, but I am proud to be a member of KEYSTONE LAW, and you will have seen the link to the firm’s website on the sidebar.

In less than 10 years since it was founded, KEYSTONE LAW has recently passed a significant milestone: we now have a total of 100 solicitors in the firm. Unlike other firms, who have a mix of fee earners, including trainees and newly qualified solicitors, Keystone has no solicitors of less than 5 years’ post-qualification experience, and the average across the firm is 12 years’ practice since admission, which means that some of us have considerably more time under our belts than that. So we able to bring immense expertise and experience to bear on all the areas in which the firm practises.

As I have mentioned before, this ‘blog’ is not intended as a marketing tool, but is simply a conduit for comment on topics relating to planning law and practice, but you might care to take a look at KEYSTONE LAW’s website (by clicking on the link on the left-hand side of the page) to see the broad range of services the firm is able to provide.

Sorry for posting such a blatant ‘commercial’, but I felt that this occasion should not be allowed to pass without comment.

(End of commercial break!)


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