Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Year’s Resolutions

1. I will be nice to Uncle Eric (who is a Truly Wonderful Human Being), and I will not make comparisons between him and Other Things, or make references to

2. I will freely acknowledge the Unquestionable Wisdom of our great Coalition Government in all that it does in relation to everything, and will not pour cold water on any of their proposals in relation to the economy, or town planning or anything else (because We Are All In This Together, and There Is No Alternative).

3. I will be nice about all politicians at all levels, who strive ceaselessly for the public good without any regard to their own interests or the interests of their friends in the City, and are worth every penny of the salaries and expenses they are paid; and I will give proper recognition to their unrivalled technical knowledge and expertise in every subject they have to deal with, especially Town & Country Planning.

4. I will cheerfully accept the imperative need to cut jobs and services in town planning and across all our public services as savagely as possible (so as to demonstrate to international financiers that this is a country that recognises their unbounded power and influence in the world).

5. Finally, I will not use irony, sarcasm or other low forms of humour in this blog ever again.

(Oops! I seem to have broken that last resolution already. Oh, well. Who cares about New Year’s Resolutions anyway?)

Happy New Year to all my readers.


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