Monday, 24 June 2013

Take a look at the comments

Comments contributed by readers, and responses to those comments that I have then added myself, have produced considerable additional material on some of the topics discussed in this blog. This particularly applies to the recent changes to the General Permitted Development Order covered in several recent posts. Some earlier topics (such as ‘curtilage’ in its various iterations) have attracted an equally large number of questions and comments.

Comments are a more convenient way of updating material or incorporating corrections or revisions suggested by readers, than by editing or updating the main text, and so the comments are well worth checking to see if there are any modifications or additions to the originally published material.

You can access these comments in one of two ways. If you read a post on the Home page, there is a small “Comments” link below each posted item that opens a separate box in which the comments are displayed. On the other hand, if you click on the title of a particular post, you will see that post displayed by itself on the page, together with all the comments on that item appended below it. This is a slightly more reader-friendly way of displaying the comments than the pop-up comments box that appears when you click on “Comments” on the Home page.

In either case, there is a facility for adding a further comment. As I have explained before, all comments are subject to moderation before publication, and this can sometimes lead to a delay of a day or two before a particular comment appears. I try to publish as many comments as possible, although a few don’t quite fit for one reason or another and may not be published. I certainly don’t censor views with which I don’t agree, but may add my own response to any comments which appear to me to be open to question or which call for further discussion.


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