Friday, 16 August 2013

Uncle Eric’s wheelie bin crusade

Since it’s Friday, I couldn’t resist passing on to you a joke sent to me by Stephen Ibbitson.

The date is some time in 2015 (I suggest before May of that year). Uncle Eric is walking down a new street and sees a collection of wheelie bins standing there.

"I thought we'd made sure new houses had to store their wheelie bins out of sight?" he lamented to his Permanent Secretary.

"Oh, but we did, Minister. Those are the new houses!"


There is in fact a possibility that Uncle Eric may have moved to pastures new before the next general election. The Westminster rumour mill already has him marked down as the next Tory Chief Whip in the expected cabinet reshuffle during the current summer recess. If this appointment does eventuate, no doubt we can look forward to predictions that he will sit firmly on any Tory MPs who step out of line in the run-up to the general election, and that he will personally squash any backbench rebellions.


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