Friday, 18 July 2014

De-CLoG - Ministerial jobs shared out

De-CLoG have now sorted out their ministerial responsibilities between new and existing members of the ministerial team.

Those ministers with specific responsibilities in respect of Town and Country Planning are:

Eric Pickles (Secretary of State) – overall responsibility for planning and housing (and everything else)

Brandon Williams (Minister of State) - responsible for housing, planning and development, Ebbsfleet development, Traveller policy.

Stephen Williams (Parliamentary Under-Secretary) – responsible for localism, decentralisation and community rights, building Regulations and standards, empty homes, climate change and sustainable development

Kris Hopkins (Parliamentary Under-Secretary) - responsible for local government, planning policy and casework in relation to wind farms and solar, community pubs

Penny Mordaunt (Parliamentary Under-Secretary) - responsible for coastal communities, local growth, high streets, town centres and markets, enterprise zones, planning casework (supporting Brandon Lewis, Minister of State for Housing and Planning)

Lord Ahmad (Parliamentary Under-Secretary) - responsible for DCLG business in the House of Lords

I have omitted those ministers whose responsibilities do not include any involvement in planning as such.


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