Friday, 4 November 2016

Planning Jungle

Regular readers of this blog will have seen occasional references to the Planning Jungle website. As many planning professionals are already aware, this is an extremely valuable research resource, which deserves to be better known.

This website,, provides a comprehensive survey of appeals against the refusal or non-determination of prior approval applications under Part 3 of the Second Schedule to the GPDO (relating to permitted changes of use), where appeal decisions have been classified, analysed and summarised in accordance with the issues that were considered in each appeal. The site also covers permitted development under Part 1 (domestic extensions and other operational development within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse), as well as a wide range of LDC appeals under section 195.

Full access to the materials available on the Planning Jungle website requires the payment of a membership subscription, but this will give you access to more than 800 appeal decisions on that site relating to Part 3 of the GPDO alone, as well as the other appeal decisions I have mentioned above, and also notes alerting readers to new legislation and other changes in this area of planning law and practice.

Whilst I have no commercial or professional connection with Planning Jungle, I am happy to commend it to readers as a valuable research resource. I have added a link to the website on the sidebar of this blog.



  1. Planning Jungle is also very amusing. Type into google, "worst permitted development loopholes". There are some hilarious before and after pictures of P.D. monstrosities and information about P.D. Appeal winners. Nothing beats getting a barrister's opinion of course but for Joe Publican in a quandry, it's worth a good old nose through.

  2. I agree that Planning Jungle is an excellent resource, and it is well worth paying a subscription for full access and search facility.

    There is excellent analysis of various categories of permitted development showing how specific issues were determined by inspectors.

  3. I would also add that they publish consolidated versions of legislation including the GPDO, CIL regulations and others, with the changes tracked. These make my life as a planning consultant so much easier on a day to day basis.

  4. I agree that a consolidated version of this legislation is invaluable, and highlights a major failing of the government's legislation site