Friday, 9 March 2018


I quite frequently receive queries from correspondents that could very easily be answered by referring to one or other of my two books - A Practical Guide to Permitted Changes of Use (currently in its Second Edition) and The Essential Guide to the Use of Land and Buildings under the Planning Acts, and I often answer these questions by drawing the enquirer’s attention to the relevant passage in one or other of these two books.

This suggests to me that there are still some of you out there who haven’t yet bought either or both of these two books, who would benefit greatly by having access to them, either on your bookshelf, or by accessing the electronic version on your computer. I have been told by readers that they have found these two books a huge help in guiding them through the law and practice relating to the use of land and buildings and changes of use. At least two correspondents told me that the book paid for itself within a week of their receiving it, by providing the answer to particular problems that they had encountered and to which they had been unable to find the answer from other sources.

The two books are complementary to each other, and together they provide a very full explanation of the issues that affect the use of land and buildings and changes of use. Having the electronic version of the books is clearly the modern way of accessing the text quickly and conveniently, and so Bath Publishing are currently making a special offer, which will give you a free copy of the electronic version of both books when you buy the printed editions of the two books together. This offer therefore gives you £200-worth of conveniently accessible and extremely valuable information on these important subjects for a combined price of only £100 (compared with a total cost of £150 if you were to buy the print/digital bundle for each book separately).

If you click on the Down arrow on the right-hand side in either of the drop-down lists below each book title which you can see in the left-hand margin of this page, you will find the details of this offer, and can order online through that link. Don’t miss out; you will find these two books an invaluable resource, which will save you much time and frustration in discovering the answers to the problems and conundrums that so frequently arise in this area of planning law and practice.


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