Tuesday, 5 October 2010


There has always been some potential confusion between the GDPO (General Development Procedure Order) and the GPDO (General Permitted Development Order), but such confusion is now a thing of the past. As you should all be aware by now, the General Development Procedure Order has been replaced by a consolidated Order which came into force on 1st October. This order picks up all the amendments made since the GDPO was originally made, and goes by the title of the TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING (DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT PROCEDURE) ORDER 2010. No doubt we shall all get used to referring to the ‘DMPO’ (or even perhaps ‘Dumpo’?)

One novelty which, according to the DCLG press release, has been introduced by the new Order is an amendment allowing applicants with partially implemented outline planning permissions to apply for a replacement planning permission with a new time limit. On a first trawl through the Order I could not find this, unless it is intended to refer to Article 18(1)(c). I await further enlightenment from DCLG in due course.


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