Friday, 16 March 2012

Comments again

I have finally found time to publish some of the comments which have been langishing in the 'Pending' box.

My apologies to the contributors for the delay in publishing these comments, due to recent pressure of work.

Time prevents my answering some of the queries raised in these comments. Maybe a another time.



  1. Hi there,
    I own a 529 sqft brick built garage in London. I've installed a toilet/shower room, wallbed, kitchenette, a/c & gas central heating. I've got separate residential water, electric, & gas supplies. There are no windows in the property, but it does have a pedestrian access door. I've had one person living there on an AST for the last 2 years. Would the 4 year rule apply to this and is there a question about whether it would be considered concealed development because it doesn't have any windows?

  2. On the facts recited, I suggest that this anonymous correspondent needs professional help. It is the sort of point on which Keystone Law’s planning law team would be happy to advise if we were to receive instructions in the matter.