Monday, 20 August 2012

Back from our hols

Like a lot of other people at this time of the year, I have taken the opportunity recently of a much needed break from what has proved to be an incredibly busy year so far. Hence the recent absence of new posts while I was away.

I am rather hoping that the workload may prove a bit more manageable in the coming months than it had been in the first half of the year. Working long into the evening, and right through weekends and bank holidays for weeks and months on end is not a good idea. For one thing, I would like to have enough time to write this blog occasionally, as it does seem to have become unexpectedly popular.

The blog (particularly in its original form) was intended primarily for fellow planning professionals, but it became clear after its relaunch in 2010 as an entirely independent blog that it was also attracting interest from non-specialist readers, and so I have tried to write it in a style that is accessible to all, even though some of the material is necessarily technical by its very nature. Town and country planning is, unfortunately, a far from simple or straightforward subject.

The number of page views for this blog had been running at a little above 10,000 per month for most of the past year, but reached a peak of over 16,000 for July. Inevitably, the numbers have fallen back in the present month, due partly to the lack of new posts during my absence on holiday and due also to the fact that many other people are no doubt also away this month. However, the overall trend in readership is very encouraging, and makes the effort of writing this blog well worthwhile.


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