Monday, 21 October 2013

The duty to co-operate

My former colleague, David Brock (who is only ‘former’ because he has now retired from active legal practice – lucky chap) posted an extremely interesting item on his blog last Friday, which I suggest that those interested in strategic planning and in the provision of strategic housing land would find it well worthwhile to read. A direct link to David’s blog will be found in the left-hand margin on this page.

I don’t propose to repeat or précis David’s piece, as you will no doubt read it yourself, but it does point up in very clear terms the complete failure of the ‘duty to co-operate’ (introduced by the Localism Act) to replace the gaping hole in strategic planning that has resulted from Uncle Eric’s ill-advised abolition of the Regional Strategies.

It reminds me of that well-known line in the Laurel and Hardy films – “Here’s another fine mess you’ve got me into, Ollie.” (No prizes for guessing which members of our wonderful coalition government could be cast in the respective parts of Laurel and of Hardy!)


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